Specialist aerospace spare parts outsourcing company, Aloia Aerospace, has awarded a contract to B&H Worldwide to manage its warehousing, handling and inventory requirements.

Sao Paulo headquartered, Aloia Aerospace has its main operations in Miami and will be using B&H Worldwide’s London Heathrow logistics facility and its integrated IT system FirstTrac to manage its inventory requirements.

Through establishing a European parts facility, Aloia Aerospace will be able to further extend its operations in the UK and Europe. The parts which B&H Worldwide will manage through its Heathrow Control Tower will include tooling, electronic parts and paint for a variety of aircraft types destined for national and regional carriers.

Aloia Aerospace will despatch parts to customers through FirstTrac, the parts will be processed at B&H Worldwide at London Heathrow from where they will be dispatched to destinations with notifications being sent back to Aloia Aerospace throughout the shipping process.