Kerry Logistics Network has brought Internet of Things (IoT) technology to its international shipments with the introduction of a smart sensor which enables total supply chain visibility and sophisticated security measures.

With real-time information available on the digital supply chain, Kerry Logistics is able to provide timely and useful data to international customers for agile decision making and response to achieve ultimate supply chain optimisation.

The sensor-based logistics solution utilises smart sensor devices to monitor cargo across ocean, air and ground transportation, around-the-clock. The devices, accepted in over 190 countries across the globe, transmit seamless data on location and environmental variables, including temperature, pressure, tilt, shock, humidity and pilferage to multiple stakeholders along the supply chain, facilitating their co-operation and timely reaction to unforeseeable circumstances.

“End-to-end visibility has become a prerequisite to the agility to any supply chain,” explains Mathieu Biron, Managing Director - Global Freight Forwarding at Kerry Logistics. “Global supply chains are increasingly complex. Our adoption of smart sensor provides international customers with greater visibility and control, thus improving the quality of their operations, exception management and demand planning. And do so at lower operating costs.”