Hong Kong International and Brussels airport have announced the launch of an airport-to-airport (A2A) pharma corridor.

The facility will offer services catering to the specific needs of pharmaceutical shipments. Spearheaded by the two airports and in collaboration with Pharma.Aero, the initiative aims to pioneer service offerings and standards that provide assurance in the handling of temperature-sensitive pharma products.

Both Hong Kong and Brussels airport have attained IATA's CEIV Pharma Certification by a community approach, which guarantees that airport cargo service providers adhere to high standards in handling pharmaceutical shipments. To offer seamless, temperature-controlled transportation, all cargo terminals provide temperature-controlled storage, while cool dollies are also available for apron transportation.

The pharma corridor connects the two airports and pharmaceutical shipments travelling the corridor will be handled in strict compliance with IATA’s CEIV Pharma standard and carried by CEIV Pharma-certified airlines. Shippers will be assured of seamless A2A temperature-controlled handling and provided with handling information, hence assuring the integrity of the shipments. In collaboration with Pharma.Aero and with the participation of pharma shippers, key performance indicators will be defined, with the aim of setting A2A pharma handling standards.

After this pioneering launch, the initiative will be propagated to other Pharma.Aero member airports to form a network of pharma corridors. Pharma shippers will then have a network to cover their trade lanes which meet their shipping needs.