SKYHOUSE, a sub-division of COASTAIR, has been approved of the RA status as a secured warehouse at Liege airport.

The 2,500 square metre second line warehouse is ready to start pallet and ULD build-up, consolidation of cargo in preparation for carriage and handling of all types of import/export cargoes.

Group CEO Pascale de Mieter confirms this is a milestone for the company, not only in enabling SKYHOUSE to further optimise its loads, but also in combatting truck waiting times at the airport. Additionally, it will enable SKYHOUSE to accept third party freight, screen cargo and ready shipments for clients.

Managing Director Ronny Samaey congratulated the SKYHOUSE staff for their team effort which brought about the achievement. “I would like to thank everyone involved for the many extra hours and determination to reach our goal,” he commented.

Vapour Logistics UK became the first to make use of the new facility at Rue L’Aeropostale 8, Grace-Hollogne, Liege airport. Their Lagos shipment was prepared for carriage and re-directed to Frankfurt airport to be loaded on to a flight with another 4.8 tonne shipment.

The contract to take on the new warehouse at Liege was announced in February earlier this year.