To prepare for growth beyond the limits of its existing hard infrastructure, Vienna International is empowering its cargo community with Nallian's open data sharing platform and collaborative applications suite.

In a first phase, the Vehicle Database application will be used to control access to the now crowded cargo grounds, hence eliminating congestion and improving security.

The Statistics app will allow the airport to better analyse and gain more insights in its overall cargo streams. In the future, more applications, such as the Slot Booking app, can be added to the Vienna CargoCloud to generate additional benefits along the strategic road that the airport is taking.

Thanks to an intuitive Web interface, companies at the cargo zone will be able to pro-actively register vehicles that are to be granted access to the zone. Consignees will be able to request access via the application in view of their pick-ups and deliveries. This system will not only avoid vehicles that are idling on the ground, it will also improve security and provide better insights in the movements at the cargo area, since all traffic is registered.

Another collaborative application on the Vienna CargoCloud is the Statistics app, which will provide the airport with more granular insights in its global cargo streams. Like a periscope it taps into existing data, such as MAWB data, flight times and cargo types, empowering the airport to make a more in-depth analysis of their cargo flows and take informed decisions about flight routes to develop, sales and marketing actions to be taken.