Bolloré Logistics joins Air Canada's Leave Less Travel Program

Air Canada Cargo has named Bolloré Logistics as its first customer to join the Leave Less Travel Program.

The programme is available to corporate and freight customers to offset or reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to business travel or freight transportation, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Bolloré Logistics has agreed to compensate a significant proportion of its greenhouse gas emissions associated with projected shipments by using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), representing a purchase of 620,000 tonnes in 2022.

Jason Berry, Vice President of Cargo at Air Canada, says, “The commitment of companies like Bolloré Logistics is a testament that environmentally-innovative business programmes are mutually possible, further helping the aviation sector to build a long-term, sustainable industry.”

Patrick Lafrance, Managing Director Canada of Bolloré Logistics, adds, “Through this initiative with our partner Air Canada, we contribute our scope 3 CO2 reduction targets and offer more sustainable transport solutions to our clients.”

The Leave Less Travel Program was launched in October 2021, and cargo customers can calculate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their shipments, select how they wish to mitigate their emissions, purchase either SAF or offsets, and contribute to their own sustainability goals.