Cargo iQ launches road feeder service pilot

Cargo iQ has launched a pilot programme to provide visibility for road feeder services in the air cargo industry.

The pilot, carried out in partnership with Emirates SkyCargo, Jan de Rijk Logistics, and software company CargoHub, will test the practicalities of Cargo iQ’s Road Feeder Services specifications, ensuring that messaging standards between CargoHub, the airline, and trucking company work in practice.

The objective of the pilot is to bridge the communications gap between the truck driver, trucking company, and the airline.

Lothar Moehle, Executive Director of Cargo iQ, says, “Cargo iQ is setting the milestone requirements for status updates, indicating which messages the trucking companies have to send, and CargoHub will standardise the content of the messages by ‘translating’ it for the airlines.”

He adds that the RFS specification will be integrated into the Cargo iQ Master Operating Plan and IT solutions will be standardised to fit Cargo iQ requirements.

CargoHUB is providing the Collaborative Decision Making platform, offering transparent and predictable information on truck movements to handling agents and/or airlines, and capacity and cargo availability information to trucking companies.

Raoul Paul, CEO of CargoHub, says, “The goal is to minimise loading and unloading times, thus increasing the speed of air cargo transportation by road. Our team has worked hard over the past two years to build an innovative platform based on the latest technologies to provide end-to-end digital logistics and transport supply chain visibility.”

CargoHub, Emirates, and Jan de Rijk are working with live shipments and a second pilot with additional participants is being planned.