Delta Cargo approves Envirotainer Releye RLP containers

Delta Cargo has approved the Envirotainer Releye RLP container for use on their fleet of aircraft.

The Releye RLP uses rechargeable batteries to power its electric heating and compressor cooling system, with over 170 hours available on a single charge.

Envirotainer says it delivers up to a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to available passive products.

Jannie Davel, Managing Director Cargo Commercial at Delta Cargo says: “The introduction of the Releye RLP, in combination with our CEIV certified pharma network, provides our customers with more choice when looking for reliable container options to support the growing demand for pharma and vaccine shipments.”

Don Harrison, Head of Global Key Accounts, Airlines at Envirotainer says: “With the new Releye RLP, Delta Cargo can offer their customers the latest active fully connected solution to protect the integrity and quality of air freight medicine products throughout the supply chain.”