ZeroAvia partners with Masdar to explore hydrogen production

ZeroAvia has announced it has signed a partnership agreement with Masdar to explore hydrogen production and supply at key locations.

The partnership with the UAE’s flagship renewable energy company, Masdar, will focus on projects in North America and Europe, while looking at the opportunity to establish clean flight operations in the UAE.

Masdar is targeting 1 million tonnes of green hydrogen production per yer by 2030.

ZeroAvia recently completed a flight test campaign of the ZA600 engine aboard a Dornier 228 aircraft and the ZA600 will be the sole hydrogen-electric propulsion source for the Kona short-haul feeder, which has a blended-wing body (BWB) offering increased volume for hydrogen storage, potentially transforming air cargo delivery with lower costs and carbon emissions while extending the flight range.

Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, Masdar’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “Masdar looks forward to working with innovative partners like ZeroAvia to advance decarbonization in hard-to-abate sectors, such as aviation. As the UAE’s clean energy champion, we are passionate about unlocking the potential of green hydrogen to build a greener future for all.”

Val Miftakhov, Founder and CEO, ZeroAvia, said: “We need large investment in renewable energy capacity to accelerate a future of truly clean flight for the entire industry, so we are delighted to partner with Masdar in this endeavor.”