Air France KLM Martinair Cargo (AFKLMP Cargo) has signed a new agreement with container manufacturer va-Q-tec.

This will allow the carrier to offer the latter's latest sustainable, advanced passive containers to customers, based on an airline lease arrangement.

Through this initiative AFKLMP Cargo will thus expand its range of pharmaceutical solutions for customers. Va-Q-tec's advanced passive containers can maintain various temperature ranges between -80°C and 25°C, set at the start of the journey, for up to ten days, without any external power supply.

Christel van Dael, Business Development Manager for Pharmaceutical Logistics at AFKLMP Cargo, said: “Offering va-Q-tec’s solutions is of great importance in view of the logistical challenges we face in transporting coronavirus vaccines worldwide. Together, we can deliver vaccines to the world in a secure and sustainable manner. We are very happy with this new partnership, which will be of benefit to us in the current circumstances, but also in the longer term.”