AviaAM Leasing, a global aviation holding company engaged in tailored aircraft leasing and trading services, has added a B737-800 converted freighter to its fleet.

The P2F conversion project was the first of its kind for the company. Having acquired the aircraft in March 2021, AviaAM Leasing used the opportunity to begin strengthening its position in the freighter aircraft market. With a commitment to having ten 737-800 converted freighters by mid-2022, the completed conversion on the company’s first Boeing 737-800 aircraft is a major step forward for the aircraft lessor.

The 737-800 converted freighter underwent the P2F conversion works at the Taikoo (Shandong) Aircraft Engineering Company facility in Jinan, in China.

The converted freighter has already been ferried to Kaunas, Lithuania, where a C Check is being performed, with further aim of repainting the airframe with the future lessee’s paint scheme. Following final details the aircraft will be ready for a delivery in mid-August.