CAL Cargo has been renamed as Challenge Airlines IL as part of Challenge Group’s rebranding and harmonisation strategy.

Founded in the 1970s to transport Israeli agricultural exports to Europe, CAL Cargo was acquired by its subsequent Chairman of the Board, Offer Gilboa, laying the foundations for the development of Challenge Group.

He introduced a commercial approach to the airline’s activities, opened new destinations, and cemented its position as a key player in the air cargo market, with its slogan “Challenge Accepted!” summing up its attitude to business.

Yossi Shoukroun, CEO of Challenge Group and new CEO of Challenge Airlines IL, says, “There is something quite poetic in an airline originally set up to fly agricultural produce, actually becoming the seed that grew to form the roots of our Challenge Group, today.”

The airline is investing in its fleet and facilities, so now is the time to do the rebranding, says Shoukroun.

He says, “With our new look and new name, we will continue to build on our expertise and strive to offer our dedicated customers in Israel and abroad the best service in alignment with ever-changing market conditions.”

Challenge Airlines IL will move to new headquarters in Tel Aviv and add two Boeing 767s to its fleet, which are being converted into freighters.