Rotate has joined CargoTech, offering customers with a new digital spin on insights and analysis for better decision making.

Founded this year, Rotate builds solutions that make intelligent use of data that is produced and stored within the air cargo industry with insights supporting airline customers in making commercial and operational decisions.

It has an experienced team and customers are offered data and tools that draw useful and crucial conclusions from the data, providing a solid foundation for commercial decisions.

Rotate was founded by Gert-Jan Jansen who is the former Head of Seabury Cargo and a co-founder of WorldACD.

Cedric Millet, President of CargoTech, says, “Together with ex-Seabury colleagues and technology experts, he intends to develop Rotate into the leading firm providing commercial tools and solutions to improve day-to-day decision-making in air cargo. Rotate shares the digital future mindset of all our CargoTech members.”

Gert-Jan Jansen, Founder and CEO of Rotate, adds, “The real challenge is not in collecting more data, it is in putting that data and insight to good use and drive real actions that improve commercial and operational decisions. That is the difficult part.”

For Rotate, the benefits of joining CargoTech include investment to build its solutions, working with other players including Wiremind Cargo, CargoAi and Cargo Digital Factory to share knowledge, and advancing digitalisation in the air cargo industry.