CHAMP Cargosystems has upgraded MarketAnalytics to deliver market insights through daily updates.

The MarketAnalytics service, which was launched earlier this year, shows data across many dimensions, keeping managers better informed and able to spot changes and opportunities earlier.

Market data is made available through updates that clients can import into their own business intelligence tools, and a new feature uses machine learning to identify how each of a client’s air waybills was priced compared to the market and help identify anomalies.

Christopher Shawdon, Head of Business Development at CHAMP Cargosystems, says, “Faster and more detailed data is the basis for everything from improved operations to better customer service, and more effective pricing and planning. Our community can feel empowered getting information from a trusted and industry-owned provider.”

The service and market data are available to every airline and forwarder, whichever cargo system they use.