CHAMP Cargosystems has partnered with Google Cloud to accelerate digitalisation within the air cargo industry.

The air cargo IT provider selected Google Cloud to provide an API platform and developer self-service portal option to all its SaaS customers, thereby increasing its range of options and services. The platform’s self-service capabilities allow airlines to easily connect with customers, without using any messaging or bespoke interfaces.

The platform, Google Cloud’s Apigee API management portal, allows CHAMP and its customers to quickly connect to a variety of backend systems, including in-house and third-party apps, marketplace portals and more besides. It also comes with industry standard security implementations for each API and provides secure analysis of how APIs are being consumed by CHAMP’s customers. This enables CHAMP to understand future requirements and better serve its clients with further relevant APIs in the future.

Furthermore, CHAMP has published its internal low-level APIs via Apigee. This enables developers to take advantage of API orchestration to invent new use cases, all without any implementation in the backend.