CHAMP Cargosystems launched insights service MarketAnalytics, working with 26 airlines and forwarders to provide daily updates from across the air cargo supply chain.

The service, which it has trialled since August, provides market data and dashboards across key air cargo metrics to spot changes and opportunities.

The ability to look at information by commodity and type of handling is proving popular, CHAMP says.

Insights are delivered as daily files, which carriers and forwarders can embed in their own data warehouses.

Christopher Shawdon, Head of Business Development at CHAMP Cargosystems says: “MarketAnalytics is as transformational for air cargo intelligence as streaming was to music distribution. Our new service offers much greater information and insights updated daily, and at much lower costs than traditional services.”

Information shared by companies in the trial creates market data on over 250 routes, each with over 10 tonnes a year and based on data from at least three participating carriers, none of whom has more than 60% share by weight.