CHAMP Cargosystems has partnered with CargoSoft, the e-logistics solutions provider, and Central Global Cargo, a time-critical logistics company, to co-create a crucial first/last mile tracking facility that will permit forwarders to better manage their operations.

This initiative will result in true full and real-time tracking of the supply chain, from end to end.

The services work in tandem with Traxon Premium Tracking and Shipply.Truck to provide contactless QR codes to collect time, date, geolocation and images of an event, all of which is fed back to the freight forwarder's transport management system via an API.

The need for such a service has arisen from resource consuming data collection around first and last mile events. Only 45% of these events were recorded correctly, on time or at all. Many operators choose to create costly closed-system mobile applications in order to record these events. Moreover, many of these consume much data and energy from truckers’ mobile devices, even when not in use. Contrary to that closed-system approach, this new solution is simple, open, and flexible, requiring only a QR code that can be scanned with a mobile camera, which links to the relevant URL where new information can be updated automatically.