CSafe Global has expanded its real-time shipment visibility platform for its passive VIP Parcel and Cell & Gene product portfolios.

Customers who opt for a monitoring device in their VIP thermal shippers will have 24/7 access to real-time data with the option to receive alerts for payload temperature, route deviation or delay, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, shock event and tilt event.

The platform was built in collaboration with Cloudleaf and has been designed to work with CSafe’s Retest & Reuse programme.

Additional features include the ability to place and track new orders, view historic order data, simplified tracking, customised real-time events, customised and save locations for routes, access to historical shipments, and to receive GDP compliant standard shipment reports.

Patrick Schafer, CEO of CSafe says: “This completes the next major milestone in this innovation initiative, and I am pleased with the service we are now able to offer our VIP Parcel and Cell & Gene customers. With this system in place, we are well-positioned to serve any customer need and provide full transparency for their shipments.”