CSafe Global is continuing its rigorous testing of the company’s forthcoming end-to-end shipment visibility capability and has now published the results of a second key pilot shipment focused on data accuracy.

CSafe is the first cold chain packaging provider to successfully implement end-to-end shipment visibility capability and is nearly through the development timeline. The goal for this most recent pilot shipment completed in August was to determine if container readings, payload readings and pre-established alerts transmitted in real-time during the shipment matched the validated data the container logged.

“It’s not enough to collect and transmit data,” explained Tom Weir, CSafe’s Chief Operating Officer. “We must be certain the information being supplied to our customers and partners reflects the actual real-time conditions of the container and the payload. Offering complete confidence in the real-time data provides the assurance our customers need that their products are secure or that intervention is required to preserve a payload. This is what the pharmaceutical industry has been requesting and I am pleased to report that this and subsequent tests have been extremely successful."