ECS Group is helping Moldovan low-cost airline FLYONE to expand its cargo services with flights from four new destinations.

Airbus A320 flights have been added from Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, and Dusseldorf, flying to Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Sharm el-Sheik, and Yerevan.

Three tonnes of capacity will be available every week from each station, providing space for general cargo, e-commerce, and mail.

As a Total Cargo Management service provider, ECS Group is handling all cargo and mail sales, and all of FLYONE’s operational, sales, marketing, interlining, and ground handling agreements.

ECS Group has been serving FLYONE for one year, and Executive Chairman Adrien Thominet says the team are looking forward to serving the new destinations.

He says, “Our local teams all have access to the same state-of-the-art tools developed by our Cargo Digital Factory, that enable them to optimise pricing, analyse the market, perform revenue management, and automate various tasks. Our TCM service is unique and unrivalled in the industry, and we are proud that it is contributing to FLYONE’s ongoing success.”