ECS Group is transforming the concept of a GSA based around the pillars of New Abilities, Technology, Commercial and Sustainability.

The “Augmented GSA” model will take the GSA structure to a new level, ECS Group says, as companies who do not adapt will struggle to survive.

The New Abilities pillar contains 10 modules such as Total Cargo Management, which includes operational requirements, data-scanning, and safety management.

Technology improves efficiency across the transportation chain through in-house digital solutions.

The Commercial pillar uses technology to provide solid business figures and greater financial success.

Sustainability tackles environmental, diversity, and social responsibility issues.

Adrien Thominet, Chairman and CEO of ECS Group says: “As smaller and medium-sized airlines begin to ramp up again, they may face a number of organisational challenges, many of them related to lack of staff. ECS Group can lift the burden to whatever extent the airline wishes. Our Augmented GSA concept goes far beyond the traditional sales activities.”