Envirotainer has launched CryoSure for pharmaceutical shipments needing to be kept at -70C or below.

Based on Linde Seccurus technology, CryoSure has four models; X1, X2, X5 and X11, and are designed with products within the Cell & Gene Therapy, Clinical development, non-finished products, and mRNA vaccine sectors.

Mattias Almgren, CryoSure Platform Executive at Envirotainer says: “This new CryoSure technology takes pharma transportation to the next level by mitigating most if not all risks currently faced when shipping pharma products below -70°C. It is a game changer and is going to revolutionise this part of the market.”

Frederik Linner, Chief Business Development Officer at Envirotainer adds: “For many years, the strategy of Envirotainer has been to extend our offering through new innovative products and services and to expand into new segments. This technology fits perfectly into our circular business model and is going to be an important part of our offering going forward.”