Etihad Cargo has signed a Service Legal Agreement (SLA) with Astral Aviation and Kenya Airways to expand its pharma services into Africa.

The SLA, a first Pharma interline agreement, ensures partners are fully compliant with GDP and IATA Pharma regulations and standards, and guarantees processes are standardised and performed to the highest quality.

Etihad Cargo defined the steps and responsibilities of the SLA to ease the transfer between the airlines, boost transparency and make sure documentation, labelling and messaging are used and shared under a precise order and form.

Martin Drew, Senior Vice President Sales and Cargo, Etihad Aviation Group says: “In addition to significantly expanding Etihad Cargo’s reach across Africa, this interairline agreement ensures complete adherence to the specific requirements of pharmaceutical product transportation. Customers can be reassured that Etihad Cargo partners will expertly maintain cool chain integrity.”

Etihad Cargo’s agreement with Kenya Airways and Astral Aviation boosts Abu Dhabi’s position as a logistics hub to distribute vaccines to Africa, and enhances the HOPE Consortium to provide Covid aid.

Drew says only 2.5% of African citizens are vaccinated against Covid and millions of doses are needed across the continent.

He says: “Through Etihad Cargo’s ever-expanding portfolio of partnerships and collaborations, the HOPE Consortium can play a greater role in meeting vaccine demand.”