Etihad Cargo has signed a proof-of-concept agreement with SPEEDCARGO to boost cargo capacity using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It is the second aviation company worldwide to use the CARGO EYE dimensioning system, and one of only a few carriers to trial CARGO MIND to deliver optimal cargo space planning.

CARGO EYE, developed with Microsoft’s Time-of-Flight sensing technology, captures imagery of incoming cargo and calculates dimensions based on cargo type, size and packaging in real-time.

CARGO MIND is fed data by CARGO EYE to build load plans, monitor and promote data compliance, and identify damage.

Martin Drew, Senior Vice President Sales and Cargo at Etihad Aviation Group says: “The Proof-of-Concept will confirm whether these advanced SPEEDCARGO products can boost efficiency, productivity and revenue returns through digital technology solutions, with the plan to integrate them into our operations in 2022.”

He adds: “The technology has the added advantage of significant cost control through manpower savings which could reach 3,720 hours a month, and in minimising leakage and optimising offload recovery by up to a third, which is a result of improving customer satisfaction by automating accurate data receipts.”