Japan Airlines and Yamato Holdings have decided on the routes and flights for freighter services they plan to launch in April 2024.

Using 3 Airbus A321P2Fs, the partners plan to operate 21 flights per day on 4 routes, subject to approval by the relevant authorities.

Kitakyushu and Sapporo will both be connected to one of the Tokyo airports, either Narita or Haneda, and there are plans to fly from Tokyo Narita to Okinawa and connect Okinawa with Kitakyushu.

Two of the 3 aircraft have been delivered with the third scheduled to follow in February 2023, and they will be converted in Singapore from March 2023 by EFW.

The operating company will be Spring Japan, a JAL consolidated subsidiary, and new personnel are being hired in preparation for launching services in 2024.