LATAM Cargo Group has just carried out a complex operation which has involved the transportation of over 40 polo horses, from Buenos Aires to Amsterdam, in fewer than two weeks.

This trip involves around 26 hours of travelling; in the event, the Latin American cargo airline applied its expertise through a multidisciplinary team to ensure the horses’ well-being at all times. This was achieved by complying with the rigorous procedure offered by ALIVE, animal care, included in the company’s product portfolio.

Even though the COVID-19 virus has hindered clients’ ability to find horse workers (as are required by this service), LATAM Cargo supported its clients and was able to offer an experienced horse worker, one known in the air cargo industry for helping out in countless animal and complex cargo shipments.

More than six teams took part in this delicate transportation task; co-ordination was fundamental in order to satisfy clients’ needs and ensure optimal service from beginning to end. These teams include CCO, COT, Quality Control, Exports, Imports and Sales.