Neutral Air Partner has confirmed a collaboration with PayCargo, which aims to provide digital air freight payment and settlement solutions to its members.

Neutral Air Partner has announced the implementation of an advanced online freight payment and settlement system powered by PayCargo. NAP members will be able to use the PayCargo system for payments and settlement in different continents around the globe.

PayCargo offers centralised visibility, a payment approval and tracking system, multiple payment options and round-the-clock access.

“Digitalisation in the payments and settlement process is essential for the future-ready air freight logistics provider. The PayCargo platform will enable our members to improve cash collection, reduce manual effort and make the overall process more transparent and streamlined. It will also save them time and money when making payments, while improving operational efficiency and customer experience. Our long-term goal is to partner with PayCargo and to develop one global integrated netting system for our members,” explained Christos Spyrou, NAP's CEO.