The KLM Cargo Compliance Knowledge Centre (CKC) has developed a unique app for the airfreight industry, which can be used for so-called co-loading segregation checks (for example, for dangerous goods), based on IATA norms.

KLM will be the first airline to start using this Cargo Toolbox app and will make it available to all others in the sector, free of charge. Air France KLM Martinair Cargo is not only setting a trend in awareness, but also pioneering tools needed to address key compliance and safety themes in the airfreight industry. Based on the app-within-an-app approach, KLM Cargo’s CKC previously launched the Mr. Beam app, a useful tool for pallet builders worldwide.

The Cargo Toolbox app now also includes the co-loading instructions app, which makes use of machine learning (a form of artificial intelligence) to ensure that the app becomes increasingly adept at recognising symbols, as it is used more frequently. The Cargo Toolbox app has been specifically designed for airfreight employees worldwide, whose duties include segregating cargo.

“In this way, KLM Cargo hopes to improve safety throughout the cargo chain, addressing key compliance and safety themes. This can only be achieved together with the entire cargo community, which means handling companies as well airlines. It doesn’t matter who you work for,” says Kester Meijer, Director Operational Integrity, Compliance & Safety at KLM Cargo.