ACL Airshop has announced a new mobile app called FindMyULD.

The trademarked FindMyULD app is specifically designed to enhance every data requirement end-to-end in air cargo transactions, across the entire worldwide ecosystem of the air cargo industry. From location and status accuracy to barcoding and Bluetooth scanning and tracking, FindMyULD pulls together all of ACL Airshop’s ULD management services in one seamless tool.

Jos Jacobsen, the company’s Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director-Europe & Global Leasing, said: “We want to keep enhancing the customer experience. Streamlining and accelerating the traditional ULD management experience is our goal. This technology-driven approach lets us advance our leasing model beyond the cumbersome pooling model, for example, and offer outright better value through efficiency across our global network. This tailored and uncomplicated approach lets the airline keep its own assets, not clumped into a giant amorphous pile of ULDs, scattered around. Our real-time ULD Control reporting capability is augmented with Bluetooth tracking and our three global Operations Centres, serving all time zones from Amsterdam, Hong Kong and New York."