PEMCO Conversions has delivered a second Passenger-to-FlexCombi converted Boeing 737-700 to Bahrain-based Chisholm Enterprises.

The PEMCO 737-700FC (FlexCombi) has three configurations: a 24-seat cabin plus a 2,640 cubic foot cargo hold for up to 13 tonnes of payload in six pallet positions; a 12-seat cabin plus a 3,005 cubic foot cargo hold for up to 15.8 tonnes of payload in seven pallet positions; or full-freighter mode with a 3,370 cubic foot cargo hold for up to 18 tonnes of payload in eight pallet positions.

It will be operated by Chisholm’s subsidiary, Texel Air from Bahrain International Airport and it comes with enhancements including head-up displays, enhanced vision systems, medevac capability and emergency vision assurance systems.

PEMCO, a subsidiary of Air Transport Services Group, delivered the first 737-700FC to Chisholm in August 2020 and four 737-300 converted freighters before that.