In a display of solidarity, both SAHCOL and NAHCO have reduced their cargo handling ramp charges.

The Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO) and Skyway Aviation Handling Company (SAHCOL) have decided to trim their cargo handling charges from 70% to 40%. The initiative has been attributed to an acknowledgement of the loyalty and commitment displayed by their customers. Relevant stakeholders were consulted over the move.

Whilst the decision has been lauded by those involved in the sector, it should be remembered that cargo handling tariffs were actually hiked by a not inconsiderable 70% at the end of 2019 by these two key players. Whilst the handlers in question were keen to justify this increase, underlining the fact that charges had remained low for many years whilst other factors, such as inflation, airline ticket prices, the cost of GSE and infrastructure fees had all increased, the new levies met with disapproval. In the wake of a court case to contest the proposed hike in charges, the handlers have reconsidered the issue and settled on the lower figure, which has been deemed acceptable by the stakeholders involved.

It is understood that the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority has tacitly approved of the new tariffs.