The CargoHub Trucking CDM (Collaborative Decisions Making) initiative at Schiphol airport has invited Riege Software Netherlands to take a seat in the CDM project consortium.

In January 2020, CargoHub launched the first version of the cloud based CDM platform to support the various stakeholders of the air cargo supply chain. The neutral logistics digital information platform is designed to reduce waiting hours, optimise truckloads, improve airport accessibility as well as transport planning and coordination. The results were received positively by the air cargo community and therefore the project will be continued for a period of three more years.

Henk Boorsma, partner and Managing Director of Riege in the Netherlands, happily accepted the invitation to join the consortium which enables Riege to contribute strategically with sound know-how in forwarding procedures. Riege also provides a practical contribution by allowing its customers to help by sharing important data from their Scope freight forwarding software. By contributing these assets, Riege will be able to support the CDM platform to push digital transformation forward.

“We’re excited that the new initiative asked us to join on behalf of our freight forwarding customers and for our knowledge. Looking forward to being part of a problem-solving team implementing new procedures on and around the airport,” said Henk Boorsma.

The goal of the CDM program is to avoid congestion at handling agents and the knock-on effect of delays for both the export and import freight processes.