Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is restructuring its cargo division, bringing it into its new Aviation Business Development Division under the umbrella of business unit Airport Operations and Aviation Partnerships, from March 1, 2021.

From this date, Miriam Hoekstra–van der Deen will step down as Director Airport Operations and will be succeeded by Patricia Vitalis, Senior Manager Process, Development & Capacity Management.

The move will put all airline and cargo commercial and operational business into a single division under the leadership of Anne Marie van Hemert, Sr. Manager Aviation Business Development, who will report to Patricia Vitalis as new head of the Airport Operations and Aviation Partnerships Business Unit.

Airport cargo information platform Cargonaut, recently acquired by Royal Schiphol Group, will also be part of the new Aviation Business Development Division.

“Cargo is, and remains, important to Schiphol and it supports the passenger network, making certain intercontinental routes profitable for many passenger airlines,” said Miriam Hoekstra–van der Deen.

“Having the route and business development managers and the cargo managers working more closely together will bring more synergy to the way we work and ensure that we can better support the airlines, especially during these challenging times.”