​Vallair, the multi-faceted aviation business and launch customer of the Airbus A321 freighter, is pioneering the first passenger to freighter conversions to be undertaken in China.

“We are excited to be embarking on the next phase of our A321 passenger to freighter conversion activity,” discloses Gregoire Lebigot, CEO of Vallair. “MSN 1017 will be the first of nine aircraft scheduled to be converted in China; this is an important milestone.”

The work is being undertaken for Vallair by EFW at the ST Engineering facility in Guangzhou and the aircraft is planned for delivery in the third quarter of 2021 to cargo-operator, SmartLynx.

Vallair has previously partnered with EFW in Asia on the conversion of its inaugural A321F. This was undertaken at its Singapore facility and delivered to launch operator Qantas Freight in October. Recently, the company signed an MoU with US operator GlobalX for ten conversions, and it has leased a further two to SmartLynx Malta.