Volga-Dnepr Airlines and Fracht FWO have moved an 83-tonne boiler from Italy to the USA, with loading being livestreamed to YouTube.

The boiler was flown from Milan, Italy to Lincoln, Nebraska to ramp up production for a plant in Sioux City, Iowa.

A nine-tonne cradle to hold the boiler was designed by the shipper and delivered to Milan Malpensa Airport.

Loading the boiler at Malpensa was livestreamed to the customer’s YouTube channel before the AN-124-100 took off.

The journey took two days with technical stops in Liege, Keflavik, Gander and Bangor, the latter to smooth customs procedures, before flying to Lincoln where it was trucked to Sioux City.

Ekaterina Andreeva, Commercial Director of Volga-Dnepr Airlines says: “We are happy that more than 2,000 people worldwide could follow the livestream loading in Milan – such initiatives create more visibility for the air cargo industry and encourage young specialists to start thinking about their possible career paths with us.”

The livestream can be viewed here.