The creation of TCE by the ECS Group is considered something of a GSSA revolution.

TCE stands for Total Cargo Expertise and it is the first structure of its kind to be created within a GSSA. ECS Group says that it is reinventing itself with the launch of this brand new service.

While TCE will be sharing its Total Cargo Management expertise with airlines, the department will also be able to offer each of its services individually, providing the most appropriate combination to suit its clients’ growth. This means that TCE is able to manage airlines’ entire cargo activity, from the traditional sale of cargo capacity to comprehensive management of operational aspects; and above all, management of quality and security procedures. Thanks to an exceptional integrated sales network and strong business partnerships, TCE brings Interline solutions, fully dedicated business intelligence tools and customised communications to the table, all orchestrated in a professional manner.

Once again, ECS Group has shaken up existing practices to meet even more closely its clients’ needs. Over the last few months ECS Group has been hinting at a turning point in its business development strategy, with the announcement of several TCM contracts (most notably, JetStar Asia, Air Italy and NokScoot) and with its strong desire to break the traditional GSSA industry mould. The official launch of TCE is seen as the proof.

“Airlines have strong demand for tailored services that meet their needs perfectly. Some also want to delegate all of their cargo activities to a GSSA to streamline their costs and maximise their revenue. With TCE, we offer them this perfect combination that combines a network of excellence with total expertise across the entire cargo chain, moving beyond the traditional role of a GSSA,” declares Adrien Thominet, CEO of ECS Group.