Aeronautical Engineers (AEI) delivered 41 freighters in 2022 and is predicting another strong year for 2023.

Of the 41 deliveries this year, 31 were B737-800SFs and the rest were a mix of B737-400SFs, CRJ-200SFs and MD-80SF series aircraft.

This year, AEI expects to deliver approximately 44 aircraft, with B737-800SFs accounting for most of the deliveries.

It is also expecting to deliver 4 B737-400SFs, 4 CRJ-200SFs and 4 MD-80SFs series aircraft.

Robert Convey, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AEI, says, “We are very pleased with the strong number of orders for our B737-800SF freighter conversion. Given the current uncertainty in the economic environment, we do however expect the annual pace of freighter deliveries to settle a bit after 2023.”