Cargo customers can now connect their own operating platforms directly to Delta Cargo using Delta’s new free Application Program Interface (API).

This connective technology enables the carrier's customers to seamlessly send and receive real-time requests directly to Delta from their own system.

Through the API connection, customers can now easily shop, book and track their shipments from their own platforms. In terms of shopping, clients can easily view Delta flight availability and current rates; while in respect of booking, they will be able to create and manage bookings around the clock directly from the user systems as well as update bookings with real-time status. For tracking, customers can receive real-time updates on active shipments, including GPS tracking and DASH Door-to-door shipment details.

“API is all about real-time connectivity, so externalising our shopping, booking and tracking APIs for customers is just another way that we are making it easier to do business with us,” commented Shawn Cole, Delta Cargo – Vice President. “We realised that some customers prefer to use their own systems and don’t want to log into a separate website to get rates and availability. Now, they have fast direct access to the information they need when shipping with Delta Cargo.”