Descartes Systems Group, a company focused on uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, has announced that Brussels-based DHL Aviation has selected Descartes’ Global Air Messaging Gateway.

This becomes its preferred platform as it standardises electronic messaging with its global customer base, including major freight forwarding organisations, other airlines, postal service operators and express courier companies, as well as ground handling agents.

DHL will also deploy Descartes Air Shipment Management to simplify its electronic document management for air shipments, and Descartes AEI, an on-demand solution, to collect, prepare and submit the required advance electronic information for global air cargo security filings to a growing range of countries worldwide.

Based upon the Descartes Global Logistics Network, Descartes’ Global Air Messaging Gateway solutions help carriers, like DHL Aviation, speed connectivity to trading partners, monitor shipment status in real time and communicate timely status updates to forwarders, GHAs and consignees. An industry-leading solution for multi-modal, inter-enterprise electronic data exchange, the Descartes GLN provides members with a wide array of value-added services that span the entire shipment management process, including contract management, freight booking, shipment tracking and security filings.

"We’re pleased to expand our relationship with DHL, adding DHL Aviation to the growing list of carriers using Descartes’ solutions to enhance air freight communication with supply chain participants," commented Jos Nuijten, VP of Network Integration Strategy at Descartes.