XPO Logistics and Nestlé have announced that their flagship distribution centre and technology hub in the UK has completed its phased opening to full operations.

XPO and Nestlé began collaborating on the design and construction of the Digital Distribution Warehouse of the Future in 2018, together with technology partner Swisslog Logistics Automation.

The 638,000 square foot facility at the Segro East Midlands Gateway in Leicestershire includes advanced solutions customised by Swisslog and is integrated with XPO's digital warehouse ecosystem. The operations use sophisticated robotics, automated sorting systems and XPO's intelligent analytics to deliver fast, efficient distribution of Nestlé products.

XPO has been ramping up operations at the site since mid-2020, using its global experience with COVID-19 and extensive safety protocols to protect workers. The processes are designed to accommodate the highest throughput of any warehouse in Nestlé's global network. It will handle goods produced by 11 Nestlé UK manufacturing sites, alongside those imported from several markets worldwide.

Sustainability was a core consideration in the design and location of the building. The site is on a railhead, and Nestlé will be dispatching exports and deliveries into the London area via rail. A liquified gas refuelling station is currently being developed at the site to enable Nestlé to operate energy-efficient gas trucks instead of diesel.