Aeromexico Cargo uses SKYPALLET from Wiremind Cargo

Aeromexico Cargo has selected SKYPALLET from Wiremind Cargo, making it the first Latin American carrier to use the product.

The contract was signed on 24 March, formalising a partnership which started pre-pandemic, with SKYPALLET due to be implemented in the 2nd quarter of 2023.

It will be rolled out to relevant users in the coming months so staff can optimise capacity and minimise inventory waste through more accurate quotes, improved flight plans and more efficient build up instructions.

Wiremind and Aeromexico will intensify their partnership by incorporating feedback and finetuning SKYPALLET accordingly.

Nathanael de Tarade, CEO of Wiremind Cargo, says, “Now that the decision has officially been reached to proceed with SKYPALLET, Aeromexico Cargo users will undergo comprehensive training with Wiremind product experts to ensure that they fully understand the product’s extensive features and use cases. Up to now, this has been done remotely, so we look forward to visiting Aeromexico Cargo in person, this year, to observe how the product is being used, gather product feedback to include in our joint roadmap, and further share user best practices within the organisation.”

Alejandro Mendez, Executive Vice President of Aeromexico Cargo, says, “Implementing SKYPALLET is a cornerstone on our journey towards becoming a more digital Aeromexico Cargo. We have set ourselves the target of implementing and fully deploying the software in our Mexico City Hub operations this year.”