ATSA orders Dash 8-400 Large Cargo Door conversion

Aero Transporte and De Havilland Aircraft of Canada have signed a firm agreement for a Dash 8-400 freighter conversion with a large cargo door.

The Dash 8-400 F-LCD has a door measuring 2.7 metres by 1.8 metres and can carry all typical air cargo containers.

With the agreement, ATSA is the first South American operator of Dash 8-400s to join De Havilland Canada’s Cargo Solutions Program and its Dash 8-400 F-LCD will be the first one operating on the continent.

ATSA operates 2 Dash 8-400s from its base in Peru to support the mining sector.

Carlos Cueva, President of ATSA, says the Dash 8-400 is perfect to support expanding cargo operations in Peru’s mining sector, saying, “Our country's complex geography that includes arid coastal plains, the Andean mountains, and the rain forests of the Amazon basin, make the Dash 8-400 aircraft the ideal choice for this type of operation.”

Philippe Poutissou, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at De Havilland Canada, adds, “De Havilland Canada will conduct ATSA's Dash 8-400 F-LCD conversion in Canada utilising our Transport Canada-approved original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Service Bulletins – illustrating our growing capability to provide ongoing support to the global fleet of De Havilland Canada aircraft.”