Avianca Cargo extends Cargo iQ's footprint in Latin America

Avianca Cargo has joined Cargo iQ as it commits to driving global standards and strengthening processes.

The airline will start working with Cargo iQ and its own customers towards shared goals to enhance best practices in the air cargo supply chain.

Avianca will help its partners and suppliers adhere to international standards and practices to improve efficiency and service quality control.

Leonel Ortiz, Head of Cargo Development at Avianca Cargo, says, “Our main motivation for joining is that we share a common mission with Cargo iQ and that is the constant quest to apply common global standards and improve quality to promote a better global air cargo industry.”

Lothar Moehle, Executive Director of Cargo iQ, says, “As Cargo iQ grows its representation in the Latin America region, Avianca Cargo will be supporting our efforts to bring more actors in the chain on board and align them to Cargo iQ standards.”

Avianca will contribute to projects that look for ways to close data gaps and protect shipment quality, collaborating with other members in the industry.

Ortiz says, “In an industry where reliability and visibility are critical factors, building these capabilities and being part of a recognised organisation can make a difference in customer preference.”