Buffalo Airways connects Edmonton with Yellowknife

Buffalo Airways is expanding its network with the only freighter route between Edmonton and Yellowknife airports.

The Boeing 737-300SF flights will connect Edmonton with Yellowknife daily from Monday to Friday.

The service will carry critical goods such as pharmaceuticals and healthcare, food and beverage, time-sensitive automotive and other manufactured parts.

Mikey McBryan, General Manager of Buffalo Airways, says, “I have spent the last two years preparing for the arrival of this aircraft, and I can’t wait to witness the remarkable impact it will have on our operations.”

Myron Keehn, President and CEO of Edmonton International Airport, adds, “We welcome this new service with our partners Buffalo Airways to introduce this critical link to our Northern neighbours. This dedicated freighter service improves connectivity between regions and will have a strong positive impact to the residents in Northern Canada, providing access to affordable essential goods by improving the supply chain to and from Northern communities.”