CargoTech welcomes CharterSync to its platform

CharterSync has joined CargoTech, bringing expertise in an area not covered by CargoTech.

Joining CargoTech, CharterSync offers digitalisation in the cargo charter sector, which has lagged behind scheduled capacity processes with largely manual operations.

Adding CharterSync to the platform offers forwarders and airlines the opportunity improve charter efficiency.

Working with CargoTech will see partnerships with other members such as adopting Wiremind Cargo’s SkyPallet within CharterSync’s solution.

At air cargo Europe this year, CharterSync became the first cargo charter company to offer a fully integrated digital end-to-end booking process and management system for freight forwarders.

Cedric Millet, President of CargoTech, says, “What we were missing until now, was an expert for air cargo charter operations to drive the much-needed digital transformation in this segment. Since launching in 2019, CharterSync has built an innovative, tech-informed, and fresh thinking global air cargo charter business from the ground up and gained a well-deserved reputation as an industry innovator at the forefront of the next generation of air charter.”

Gillett adds, “Our growth journey is proof that we are driving innovation throughout our platform and services, and we are delighted to be joining CargoTech. Being part of the CargoTech group inspires us to think bigger, reach higher, and remain committed to delivering exceptional value and transforming the air cargo charter industry.”

Watson says, "We’re really excited to be working closely with the CargoTech Group. The natural synergies, together with the last four years of innovation and deep learning, will help us to supercharge the development of our technology. We want to bring this sector into the 21st century and believe it’s time to go beyond just email and WhatsApp to challenge the status quo."

Gillett says that the partnership will make aviation more sustainable, saying, “CargoTech and CharterSync share the same sustainability commitment and mindset. Joining the group allows us all to work collaboratively to reduce CO2 emissions and to play a crucial and powerful lobbying force for change.”