CHAMP Cargosystems launches Traxon Global eCommerce

CHAMP Cargosystems has expanded Customs and security services with the launch of Traxon Global eCommerce (TGE) to address ICS2 requirements.

The latest phase of increased ICS2 requirements demands reporting at the House Air Waybill (HAWB) level with the added complexity that each commodity must be reported separately.

The e-commerce industry faces challenges if air carriers, freight forwarders, express courier service providers or postal operators do not have the processes or technology in place to respond to the new requirements.

Traxon Global eCommerce is purpose-built to address cargo pre-load security filing and pre-arrival filing requirements for e-commerce shipments under ICS2.

The new solution helps companies grow e-commerce operations and expand into new markets.

By consolidating information from the sender and generating outputs in formats specified by relevant governmental agencies, Traxon Global eCommerce simplifies the cargo filing process, says, CHAMP.

Chris McDermott, CEO of CHAMP Cargosystems, says, “We are extremely proud of the hard work, innovation, and brilliant execution that went into the creation of Traxon Global eCommerce. CHAMP’s portfolio is built on its open neo platform, enabling quick development, launch and integration with other CHAMP or third-party services.”

Traxon Global eCommerce connects with other Traxon products such as Traxon Global Customs, Traxon CargoHUB and Traxon Premium Tracking, as well as CHAMP’s cargo management suite, Cargospot, which is used by airlines and handlers.