DANX Carousel invests in Electron to develop electric cargo aircraft

DANX Carousel Group and Electron have entered a strategic partnership to launch the Electron 5 electric cargo aircraft.

The Electron 5 is being designed to transport 500 kilogrammes of cargo over a distance of 500 kilometres on a single charge and is due to hit the market in 2027.

It can use short runways, giving it access to 5 times more EU airports than larger freight aircraft so it can fly on short point-to-point routes and bypass congested logistics hubs at speeds of up to 300km per hour.

Lars Ryssel, Group Chief Solutions Officer of DANX Carousel, says, “The ability to launch and land closer to our pick-up and delivery points will cut down on journey lengths, allowing us to offer customers later cut-off times and better serve hard-to-reach areas. Moving away from the traditional hub-and-spoke distribution of air cargo to a point-to-point model means we can avoid congestion at busy airports.”

Investing in Electron as the founding logistics partner is part of DANX Carousel’s mission to cut carbon emissions by 40% before 2035.

Marc-Henry de Jong, Chief Commercial Operator, Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Electron, says, “The expertise of DANX Carousel's exceptional team is instrumental in ensuring the Electron 5 is well equipped to transport a wide range of cargo, including loose goods like e-commerce parcels and odd-size goods resting on EU palettes.”