Drone Delivery Canada completes US test flights

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Drone Delivery Canada has completed its first demonstration flight in the US by delivering medical products in Michigan.

The West Michigan Drone Delivery MMFP pilot project was carried out in collaboration with Workhorse Aero, Airspace Link and Caduceus Medical Logistics to demonstrate the practicality of delivering medical supplies by drone.

Working with community partners West Michigan Regional Airport, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Michigan office of Future Mobility & Electrification, Next Energy and Lakeshore Advantage, Drone Delivery Canada flew its Sparrow drone and Workhorse Aero used its Horsefly drone on a 1km flight route in Holland, Michigan.

Caduceus Medical Logistics is studying whether drones can be integrated into delivery services, along with electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions.

The operation used Airspace Link’s AirHub Portal digital infrastructure platform to analyse ground and air risks within the City of Holland and area of operation to ensure safe and efficient deliveries.

23 deliveries where carried out over 2 days and all flights adhered to 14CFR Part 107 regulations, ensuring compliance with Federal Aviation Administration guidelines for unmanned aerial systems.

Steve Magirias, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada, says, “The successful pilot project represents a significant step forward in the integration of drone technology into our daily lives, particularly in the critical field of medical product transportation.”

Michael Healander, President and CEO of Airspace Link, adds, “Our collaboration showcases Airspace Link's commitment to revolutionising logistics. By pioneering safety-focused digital solutions using AirHub Portal, we're reshaping how communities access critical supplies, setting the stage for a future where efficiency and accessibility intersect effortlessly into the national airspace.”