Hacis opens climate-controlled Cool Zone

Hong Kong Air Cargo Industry Services (Hacis) has opened the new climate-controlled Cool Zone facility to cater for growing volumes of perishable and temperature-sensitive e-commerce shipments.

The Cool Zone is located within Hacis’ E-commerce Fulfilment Centre, providing climate-controlled handling solutions for goods including fresh fruit and chocolates, speeding up the handling process and avoiding delays of transferring goods for processing at downtown facilities before delivery at the agent’s warehouse or the final customer.

It offers a handling area with temperatures down to 15C and is equipped with storage racks and work tables for pick and pack and labelling.

The Cool Zone can be integrated into agents’ own IT systems to feed direct status updates and stock information.

Chilled, fresh and frozen storage is available for temperatures from +25C to -30C.

The Cool Zone is directly linked to the Hactl SuperTerminal 1 automated Box Storage System, catering for loose cargo and reducing transit times.

Once cargo is transferred to the Cool Zone, staff perform all required processes before cargo is loaded onto temperature-controlled customer vehicles waiting at the dedicated truck docks or individual orders can be delivered direct from the Cool Zone to the end-customer by courier.

Ringo Chan, Executive Director of Hacis, says, “For time- and temperature-sensitive perishables, it is important to keep the cargo handling time as short as possible. Hacis Cool Zone will take no more than 7 hours from unloading the cargo from the aircraft, to finishing the fulfilment process. So, for example, if the shipment is off-loaded in the morning, it can be delivered to a local end-customer the same day. That probably won’t be possible if the consignee deals with the fulfilment process using a downtown facility.”