Japan Airlines to re-introduce freighters

Japan Airlines is returning to the freighter market with the introduction of Boeing 767-300ERFs to its fleet from the end of the 2023 fiscal year.

The airline has not had freighters for 13 years, instead, it has used cargo space on passenger flights and chartered freighters in response to demand.

It plans to further grow cargo and mail operations so Japan Airlines has decided to invest in its own freighters.

The Boeing 767-300ER will have a capacity of around 50 tons, of which, 32 tons will be in the upper cargo compartment and 16 tons in the lower compartment.

Japan Airlines says strengthening its services will meet logistics needs arising from the 2024 issue, which is the shortage of truck drivers in Japan due to the revision of labour regulations, and contribute to solving social issues based on logistics.

To serve domestic and international e-commerce, parcel delivery and other high growth cargo, Japan Airlines says it will build alliances with logistics partners and operate routes that ensure stable demand.

Starting in the 2023 fiscal year, Japan Airlines will start operating international flights mainly to east Asia and operate domestic flights to improve aircraft utilisation.

Charter and non-scheduled services will be available in response to customer requirements.